Community Rules

Striving to put together a thriving community is a journey of many wills. In order to achieve success, we must all find a common ground. Shared rules define guidelines of mutual respect.

Common Areas
  • We love your dog but not the POOP!  Please pick up after your dog; citations apply.  Pets must be 50lbs at maturity or less.  No Pitbulls or aggressive animals.  Please report animal abuse directly to Animal Care & Control and not the association manager by calling: 561-233-1200 or 561-233-1211.
  • BBQ grilling is allowed.  BBQ grills must be stored inside garages.
  • Gym is open 24hrs, 7 days a week.  No minors allowed without supervision.
  • No soliciting is permitted without Board of Directors approval.
  • Guest(s) must be accompanied by resident in community clubhouse, fitness rooms, pool, and movie theater at all times.  Guests cannot have guests.
  • All curtains, shades, drapes, blinds, and window treatments  must be white or off-white in color and in-line with material that will not interfere with the community exterior aesthetics.
  • Guests must be accompanied by their host at all times while at the pool and the gym/locker room. Therefore, a guest’s fingerprint cannot be added to the database no matter how long they are visiting. Only approved residents may be added to the database.

  • Landlords must obtain a business / rental license from the City of West Palm Beach.  CitySide does not require this to approve the application, but it is enforced by the City’s Code Enforcement.
  • Each owner is responsible for repairs and maintenace of the interior of the unit.  The association is only responsible for the exterior.
  • Gate clickers , pool / mailbox keys, garage controls, and condo documents are the responsibility of each unit owner. If you are purchasing or leasing a unit, please be sure these items are delivered to you by the current owner before closing or executing the lease agreement. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them.

Financial Requirements
  • The 2024 maintenance fee amount is $2,550.
  • The maintenance fee is due quarterly: Jan. 1st, Apr. 1st, Jul. 1st and Oct. 1st.
  • Is your lender requesting proof of insurance? Click Here

  • Trash days are Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m.  Recycle collections are Thursday mornings 7:00 a.m.  All trash and recycle bins must be inside your home on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Bulk pick is every Thursday. Bulk items may be placed outside for pick no earlier than Wednesday night. Items must be placed on the edge of the driveway and away from garbage cans, recycle bins and vehicles. All trash and recycling receptacles shall be stored solely in garages. Receptacles shall not be placed curbside until the evening (after sundown) prior to scheduled pickup. Receptacles shall not be placed on grass or landscaping. Receptacles must be secured in garages within 12 hours of the scheduled pickup. For more information about bulk items please call the City of West Palm Beach at 561-822-2075.
  • The bins are provided by the City.
  • Need a trash can?  Call 561-822-2075
  • Need recycle bins?  Call 561-547-4000
  • Complaints? Call 561-822-2222
  • All units are pre-wired for Satellite Dishes.  Do not install or drill into building walls.  You must submit the “Architectural Modification” form.

  • Vehicle washing, polishing, repairs, and / or maintenance is not allowed on property grounds. There is no washing station.
  • No rear-end parking allowed on limited common element driveways or parking spaces.  All vehicles must properly display a parking sticker on the FRONT windshield or they are subject to immobilization and towing.
  • New Year’s and Super Bowl days are “relaxed parking.” Rules apply.
  • See “Parking” for more information.